“Someone Great” Paired With Lagunitas Day Time IPA

“Someone Great” is a 2019 comedy written and directed by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson.  The film stars Gina Rodriguez, Brittany Snow, DeWanda Wise, Lakeith Stanfield, and Peter Vack.  The film follows three college friends that are all struggling with change.  Jenny (Rodriguez) breaks up with her long-term boyfriend (Stanfield), Erin (Wise) who struggles with her feelings for her girlfriend, and Blair (Snow) who needs to break up with her boyfriend.  The three try to forget their problems with a big night out.  Over the course of the night the three each get what they want.  It is very much a coming-of-age film for those in their 20s and how people deal differently with loss and growth, while continuing to be friends as their lives continue to evolve.  It is a bit predictable but makes up for it with charm and the strength of the leads. The soundtrack is fun as well. It was released on Netflix.

The Beer Lover’s Guide To The Movies pairs this film with Lagunitas Day Time IPA.  T his beer has only 96 calories per 12 ounces and has an ABV of 4.0%.  It pours a light straw color with a good head that quickly collapses to a thin ring.  It smells of citrus and pine.  You taste bread and citrus fruits, followed by a light bitter finish.  This is one of the many new light beers that has been released over the last few years.  It has a bigger flavor along with lower calories.   This beer will not slow you down on your big night out or on the couch watching this film.

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