“Superbad” Paired With Old Milwaukee Beer

“Superbad” is a 2007 coming-of-age film directed by Greg Mottola with script by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.  The film stars Jonah Hill and Michael Cera, with Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Rogen, and Bill Hader.  Rogen and Goldberg started working on the script when they were 13 years old and is based on their experience in High School.  The film follows two students who want to get alcohol, with the help of their friend Fogell (Mintz-Plasse) and attend a party with the hopes of losing their virginity.  Like other films by Rogen and Goldberg, it is a combination of raunchy humor with sophisticated and sensitive moments.  This movie has been acclaimed as one of the best High School films of all time.

Fogell trying really hard to buy Beer in Superbad

The Beer Lover’s Guide To The Movies pairs Old Milwaukee with this film.  The beer is an Adjunct Lager with an ABV of 4.6%.  It pours a pale yellow with a white head that last a bit.  It smells of sweet grains.  It is a simple light bodied beer with moderate carbonation that is mild, enjoyable, and slightly sweet.  It is most likely among the first beers you will try.  I picked this beer because in the film Fogell attempts to purchase Old Milwaukee, but he is anxiety ridden and does not pull it off like an adult would.  So, enjoy this beer and watch that scene that so many under aged kids have lived.

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