Netflix’s “Battle” Paired With Carlsberg European Pale Lager

I was only able to find the Spanish Language dubbed version of the trailer

“Battle” is a 2018 Norwegian dance drama directed by Katarina Launing, with the script by Karsten Fullu, and Maja Lunde.  It stars Lisa Teige, Fabian Svegaard Tapia, Vebjorn Enger, Stig R. Amdam, Silje Marie Baltzersen, and Charlott Utzig.  The film follows Amalie (Teige), a dance student, preparing for an upcoming dance competition, when her world suddenly falls apart.  She finds a new way to express herself through Hip Hop Dance Battles with the help of The Illicit Dance Crew leader Mikael (Tapia).  This Netflix film borrows heavily from other films and combines them into a mash up of cute, predictable, and relatable, as well as being charming enough to kill the evening watching it.  You will enjoy her ending up with a new boy, a new attitude, and a new way to express herself through dance.

The Beer Lover’s Guide To The Movies pairs this with Carlsberg European Pale Lager.  This beer is from Denmark and has an ABV of 5%.  You pick up green apple, green bell peppers, honey, and corn.  It tastes of bread, grain, and malts with a notes of citrus.  It has a medium mouthfeel to it and leaves you with a slight bitter and grassy finish.  I picked this beer for this film because of its Nordic connection.  You can drink this while watching the World Cup or young dancers compete in the arena.  It is a great alternative to Heineken.  It is refreshing enough to kill the evening while watching this film.

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