“Heist” Or “Bus 657” Paired With Black Raven’s Trickster IPA

“Heist” or “Bus 657” on the international market, is a 2015 heist movie directed by Scott Mann with script by Stephen Cyrus Sepher and Max Adams.  It is based on an original story by Sepher.  It stars Robert De Niro, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kate Bosworth, Morris Chestnut, Dave Bautista, D.B. Sweeney, Mark- Paul Gosselaar, Sepher and Gina Carano.  The film follows Luke Vaughan (Dean Morgan), whose daughter is very ill.  To help her, he must clear a mountain of medical debt, and come up with $300,000 for a surgery.  He asks his employer, a Casino owner (De Niro), for a loan, but the request is shot down and he is fired.  In an interesting twist of fate, Vaughan ends up on a crew that robs the Casino.  Complications put them on Bus 657 and being chased by the police.  I expected much more from this film because of its cast, who I have enjoyed in so many of their other works.  The script is predictable and is riddled with clichés.  I kind of think that they actors, for whatever reason, needed a quick payday, and just did not care about the direction being given them and the script of the vehicle that got them paid.

The Beer Lover’s Guide To The Movies pairs this movie with Black Raven Brewery’s Trickster IPA.  This American India Pale Ale has an ABV of 6.8%.  It pours a light copper color with a big head on it.  You get the aromas of mandarin oranges, pine resin, and caramel.  It tastes like grapefruit, caramel, and pine flavors had a party and invited you over.  It gives you a crisp well balanced bitter finish with moderate carbonation.  I like this beer.  With a film like this you either want a lot of mass produced beer, or a couple of very good craft beers.  I picked this beer because you will get lost in the complexities of this IPA, because you will not get lost in this movie.

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