“Step Sisters” paired with Holy Mountain’s “The Hart” Farmhouse Ale — Saison Beer

“Step Sisters” is a 2018 comedy directed by Charles Stone III, with script by Chuck Hayward.  It starts Megalyn Echikunwoke, Lyndon Smyth, Eden Sher, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Gage Golightly, and Alessandra Torresani.  The film follows Jamilah (Echikunwoke), who is among the best students at the college she attends.  She is a president of her black sorority, and captain of the sorority’s highly regarded step team.  College hi-jinx take place and she is tasked with teaching a mostly white sorority how to step and leading them into a competitive dance competition.  Can these young women come together as a team and win, lead by this spirited outsider?  We have seen this movie dressed up as any number of sports movies, or in films like “Drumline” which was also directed by Stone, and “Bring It On”, so the answer is yes!  The film is predictable and presents us with a moral lesson.  The dancing is fun, and I expect to see the cast in bigger budget films in the next few year.

The Beer Lover’s Guide To The Movies pairs this film with Holy Mountain’s The Hart Farmhouse Ale – Saison Beer.  This Farmhouse Ale has an ABV of 6.5%.  It pours a slight hazy orange without much of a white head.  The aroma gives you tart green apples, crisp pear, sourdough, oak, and something akin to chardonnay.  It has a nice fruity tartness in the mouth with a touch of wood.  It has a medium mouthfeel to it with some good carbonation to it.  It is a well-balanced sour saison.  I picked this beer because the film will leave you with a bit of sour taste in your mouth.  If you are going to have to have a sour taste in your mouth you pick this beer.   It is a great beer and will balance out the film.

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